Examples of Ancient Influences

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Examples of Modern Influences

BACON, Francis. The Physical and Metaphysical Works of Lord Bacon. London, G. Bell & Sons, Ltd, 1911. 567 pp.

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MORE, Thomas. See below some information about Thomas More:

Utopia – Project Gutemberg‘s free online copy. Thomas More’s best-known work, a true classic of world literature. Its principles are deeply related to Humanitarianism.
 The Story of Thomas More by John Farrow  New York, Sheed and Ward Sheed and Ward; 1st Edition, 1954. 242 pp. [Text in the Internet, in English] – Biography of Thomas More, a great Christian saint, author of Utopia, who refused to betray his conscience, even at the cost of his life. One of the great precursors of Humanitarianism.

WEBER, Max. The Protestan Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Unwin Hyman, London & Boston, 1930; translated: Talcott Parsons, Anthony Giddens. Free online copy.

Examples of Contemporary Influences

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